About WIP-It

Something that is being developed but that is not yet complete.


The above is a definition of work in progress, according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

A work in progress is also called a WIP.


As an author and a person who surrounds herself with other writers, I often use and hear the word WIP. Us writers have a bevy of WIPs waiting to be completed.


But not only do we have our story WIPs to whip into shape, but we also have our personal WIPS to develop, to complete.

Which brings us here, to The Musings of WIP-It Chick.

Most people know me as ChickLitGurrl, and if you are interested in my professional avenues, such as books, editorial and coaching services, artsy products, and other created content, you can head to The House of ChickLitGurrl to learn more and to purchase those products. If are you interested in current and future online courses I teach on the writing craft, you can head to ChickLitGurrl U!

If you, however, want to learn more about the personal Shonell, the WIP, the chick who needs to whip it into shape and make progress in this one life she has, then you are in the right place.

Here at WIP-It, you will be able to read blog posts about my current goings-on, editing and writing tips, my faith walk, reviews of books and other products, the celebration of women, and more!

Thank you in advance for joining me on this new journey!

Live. Learn. Love. Repeat.