• WIP-It Chick

The Origin of #HUGSlove

One thing to know about me: I care about others, I love others, and making people feel cared for and loved is important to me.

However, I often didn't extend that care, that love to myself.

A few years ago, I attempted to remedy this by writing daily love notes to myself (#loveaday notes).

Through these notes, #HUGSlove originated.

I've been told a time or two that I am one of the best huggers in the world, and I am always in search of a good hug. It's my firm belief that you can gauge a person by their handshake and their hug. I've had hugs that left me feeling cold and detached and hugs that have left me weeping in a stranger's arms. There is a connection that's made with a good hug, an exchange of love. So, to me, HUGS and LOVE go hand in hand.

#HUGSlove, in a way, has encapsulated my life's mission: to spread that exchange of love and care to myself--and to others, and it taps into every facet of my life.

Currently, it is seen in the #loveday notes that I write to myself but that others often tell me touch them as well.

It is seen in my newly opened Etsy shop HUGSlove Studios, where I sell digital products such as journals, planners, and stickers and also give 10% of sales to three philanthropic efforts that are close to my heart.

It is seen in the work I do as an editor at ChickLitGurrl as my goal is to always help writers develop strong stories and to grow in their writing abilities.

It is also seen in the quotes and scriptures I post in which I share a bit of myself and find that others needed to read that quote or scripture for something going on in their lives.

Today, I decided I was going to be intentional in regard to the power of HUGSlove.

What does that mean?

Well, we are in a fight, every day of our lives, to be better, stronger than we were the day before. We're in a fight to hold fast to our joy and peace.

We need to put on the armor and be the joy warriors we are, filling and refilling ourselves with it so that we can offer it to others.

So, this will be my goal for the rest of 2019--and of course beyond. I have 38 days to build a strong, life-changing habit to usher into a new year.

And I'm excited about it.

Let the joy-having commence.