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The Magic If: Graphic Novel Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

The Magic If (Nov. 2018) [buy!]

Written by Craig Hurd-McKenney

Art by Gervasio, Carlos Aon, and new material by Melisa Jones

Genres: #Drama, #GraphicNovels, #LGBTQ

Rating (out of 5 cups):

Imagine passionately, if not obsessively, pursuing the career you love only for the new IT guy to arrive in town, taking away every bit of the limelight and leaving you in the dark.

This is what happens to magician Wynter Steele when stunt magician Blaine Danvers saunters into his town. Wynter is fed up with the gimmicks Danvers employs to grow his success, and he wants nothing more than to better Danvers--at any cost.

I loved everything about this graphic novel, from the slick smooth touch of the cover and the cover design itself to the art and the story--especially the story.

This novel is much more than a story of an overly obsessed magician. Through the 47-page story, we journey through a man's self-exploration, of who he is as a person, as a boyfriend to his mate Danny (who is a great foil for Wynter), and as a magician. It's a coming-of-self story, a love story, and a dramatic story that examines what can happen when you run on full chaotic emotions and don't take the time to come to grips with your life and self. I enjoyed reading Hurd-McKenney's story and how he gives you just enough material to immerse yourself into the story and explore the intricacies of Wynter, Danny, and the themes of love, self-exploration, and commitment (to self, to your life, to those you connect with). For example, and not to give anything away, the story is sectioned into parts based on the seasons. When you read (and I urge you to buy now!) the ending of Part I (Summer) and then move into Part II (Fall), there is the opportunity for you as reader to imagine the scenes that must've transpired between the seasons. Loved being able to do that.

Would recommend THE MAGIC IF [buy now!] to anyone who loves good storytelling and art.