• WIP-It Chick

Why Writing Matters to Me

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Yeah, you might become famous. Yeah, you might make money. But there are more reasons why writing can matter to your life.

I've been writing stories since I was six, and in that almost forty years, I have realized that despite the cool things you think you can obtain from having a writing career, there is one major reason I write--and it's a biggie.

I write to live.

And I probably could revise that sentence to state the following:

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I write to continue living.

Writing, even when the writing has nothing to do with emotions, feelings, and current goings-on, makes me lighter, makes me feel good, makes me feel accomplished, and when I feel those things, I am made stronger in my walk, talk.

If I'm writing fiction, the act of doing so and doing it well (or even not well) takes all of my mind away on the journey of the story being told.

If I'm writing non-fiction, my mind is focused on the audience because I'm writing for them... in the hopes of entertaining, educating, etc.

If I'm writing personal pieces, such as my journaling, my mind is focused on releasing all the negative energies that I can so that when the writing stops... I don't.

There are so many things that happen in the world that keep me from wanting to keep on keeping on.

Writing is one of the very few things that keeps my back straight, my head up, and my feet moving...forward.