• WIP-It Chick

Wednesday's WORD: REBUILD

About four, five years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and at the time, that diagnosis sounded like a death sentence. The very next day after hearing about the diagnosis, I began moving. I walked. And walked. And walked. Even trained for and walked a half-marathon. Lost almost 100 pounds.

And then I faltered. Regained the weight, raised my a1c levels higher than they were when I was first diagnosed, and created a body that ached all the time.

And quite frankly, I am tired. Sick and tired of myself and of how drastically you can change when you let yourself go.

Which is why today I am getting back into me and rebuilding self with the 15/30 Challenge.

From April 4 to May 3, I will be doing a minimum of 15 minutes of exercises for 30 days. It's not a lot, but when you've stopped doing any and all forms of exercise except for what you need to do to make it through the day, those 15 minutes are desperately needed.

In addition to the challenge, I will be avoiding soda and fast food sandwiches of all types for the 30 days. I will also be working to cut back on my sugar usage with teas and coffees.

I'll be blogging here about my goings on over the 30 days and messaging on Instagram, so if you like, please follow me on IG.

Here's to doing better, and thus, being better.